Aquaguard Spare Parts Price List

aquaguard spare parts price list

The Main Components Of Aquaguard Water Purifier That Requires Maintenance 

Water purifiers are an essential part of human life now. It is not a luxury anymore but is a necessity. They come in various models but the most common aim is to serve you and your loved ones with purified, healthy water. But like any other machine, water purifiers require maintenance too. And, there are parts that should be changed for it to work efficiently. In this blog, we are sharing Aquaguard spare parts details along with Aquaguard spare parts price list.  You can check the detailed guide on what the various crucial components of water purifiers are.  

S. NoAquaguard Spare Part NamePriceBuying Link
1.Aquaguard Classic Circuit BoardCheck at Amazon
2.Aquaguard Magna PCBCheck at Amazon
3.Aquaguard Circuit BoardCheck at Amazon
4.Aquasoft Water Softener Regeneration SaltRs. 350/-Check at Amazon
6.Aquasure Amrit 1500 litre cartridgeRs.499/-Check at Amazon
7.Aquasure 1500 litre cartridgeRs.599/-Check at Amazon
8.Aquasure 4000 litre cartridgeRs.799/-Check at Amazon
9.Aquaguard PCB BoardCheck at Amazon
10.Aquaguard MotherboardCheck at Amazon
11.Aquaguard Classic PCBCheck at Amazon
12.Aquaguard Classic Inlet PipeCheck at Amazon
13.Aquaguard Booster Spare PartsCheck at Amazon

Sediment Pre-Filter Belong Under Aquaguard Classic Spare Parts 

With water comes various materials like sand, grit, dust which are visible to the naked eye. The first layer of purification is the sediment pre-filter. This helps in removing any kind of contaminant which is above 5 microns. Otherwise, the RO system might not work properly. This could hamper and restrict the flow of water causing a reduction in water purification. 

If maintenance is required, often Aquaguard spare parts sediment pre-filter is advised to be changed every 6 months. 

Carbon Filter 

Some filters come with a carbon filter for chlorine removal and carbon filter for chloramine removal separately. Usually, the municipality would chlorinate the water to remove viruses and microorganisms. But this water could harm the TFC membrane with time. The carbon filter, therefore, helps in removing it and hence Aquaguard parts are necessary. And, when it comes to chloramine removal, usually there are 0.5-micron carbon filters attached. 

Reverse Osmosis Membrane 

When it comes to your water purifier, your RO system does most of the hard work. It helps in removing everything from microorganisms, organic substances as well as dissolved solids. The water which is filtered goes to the storage tank while the one containing everything impure goes to the drain. RO membranes should be changed with Aquaguard spare parts near me offering pure drinking water to a family. 

Post Carbon Inline Filter

This is a granular activated carbon filter. This helps in removing any kind of remaining taste as well as odour from the water. Water usually flows slowly through the filter so that the contact time could be more. This helps with higher adsorption power which offers you water free from any contaminant. This is why knowing genuine Aquaguard spare parts price is vital.  

ASO Control Valve 

Conserving water is important when the tank is full and that is what smart water purifiers do. The ASO control valve helps in controlling the water flow to the RO system. When 2/3 of the tank is filled it stops until again 1/3 is filled when it allows water flow again. Not having Aquaguard Classic spare parts could be a hassle. 

Check Aquaguard Spare Parts Price List Before Purchasing 

What is a must for any water purifier is checking Aquaguard water purifier spare parts to ensure the whole of it works seamlessly.  Taking professional help is the best step regarding this because though there might be DIY videos, one mistake and it might cost you a lot. 

Aquaguard water purifier is one of the best and trusted brand of water purifier which removes all kinds of water impurities from the water. Aquaguard spare parts used in water purifier are of high quality which makes Aquaguard one of the best selling water purifier in our nation. It has launched various models, but Aquaguard classic is best because the Aquaguard classic spare parts are of excellent quality which makes the system more durable and longlasting. A water purifier is based on various filters, and the different filter removes different kinds of water impurities like Aquaguard classic candle reduce the turbidity of the water. Spare parts used in the water purifier made it costly and economical the Aquaguard spare parts price list various from place to place; thus, the price of the Aquaguard water purifier also different from place to place. 

Check Aquaguard spare parts price to ensure you are paying the right price and getting only genuine products for your water purifier. 

Some of the important and mostly used Aquaguard Spare Parts:-

  1. Aquaguard PCB or Circuit Board: – This Aquaugard PCB or circuit board is one of the important spare part of any kind of Aquaguard water purifiers. This spare part is mostly demanded for Aquaguard magna, Aquaguard classic, Aquaguard compact and many more Aquaguard Products. This Aquaguard Circuit Board is also know as Motherboard and PCB circuit. You can check it’s price on Aquaguard official website or any of the market place like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
Aquaguard Magna PCB
Aquaguard Magna PCB

2. Booster Pump for Aquaguard Water Purifier: Aquaguard Booster Pump water purifiers are designed for low pressure or no running water areas. Aquaguard have launched some of the water purifier with booster pump. Some of them are Dr. Aquaguard Classic+ and Dr. Aquaguard Booster.

Booster Pump for Aquaguard Water Purifier
Booster Pump for Aquaguard Water Purifier

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