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We are all well acquainted with water purifiers given the high amount of contaminants in our regular tap water. There is no way we can even imagine drinking the direct tap water because that would mean an immediate health hazard. This sense of prejudice has been secured by the safety provided to us by the various water purifiers and water purification plants in the market. If we talk in the language of numbers, water purifiers have genuinely become a leading business in the market today. Thanks to the increase in corruption and political and social vendetta, these companies have flourished over the years, promising the billions of people residing in the country and using these machines, the kiss of life.

However, there is one question that quickly pops up in our minds: how much do these companies charge for these machines, or what is the commercial RO system price. Conversely, how much do these companies earn?

In this article, we will try answering a few of these questions.

As for the commercial RO plant cost, it can be anywhere between a few thousand to a few lakhs. The commercial RO water purifier price list can be a little something to worry about for some clients. What we must keep in mind is the cost of maintaining these machines besides the commercial RO water purifier price. There is usually a contract that the customer or the company that is buying the purifier is required to purchase. This is often bought along with the machine itself. This AMC or Annual Maintenance Cost can differ primarily based on the company, the size and the capacity of the RO. Thus, the commercial RO plant price becomes a little hefty if all these things and prices are included in the investment.

Before we delve into the commercial RO price in India, we will educate ourselves about a few terms that we will regularly need in this text. To maintain an informative structure of the article, we will use a table to learn about a few keywords. 

The commercial water purifier is based on the various technology some of these are reverse osmosis, Ultra-violate rays, Ultra-filtration and many others. The reverse osmosis commercial water purifier removes all kinds of dissolved water impurities from the water whereas the UV commercial water purifier mainly eliminates the biological impurities. Although there is various water purification technology in India, the water purifier is the best among all. There are different commercial RO in India; in that case, the selection of the best commercial RO in India is very tough. Getting the best water purifier at the best commercial water purifier price in India can be made accessible only when you get in touch with us.

The commercial RO system price in India has been created by keeping in mind the customer budget and requirement. However, the commercial RO water plant price in India depends on the several factors some of the key elements are given below:

  • The cities in which you live

This is one of the crucial factors for water purifier commercial RO plant price. But to install a commercial RO water purifier at the best price at your place contact us.  

  • The capacity of the commercial RO

The water purifier commercial RO plant price in India also depends upon the capacity of the water purifier, the different the capacity of the water purifier the different the amount. 

  • The water quality of your area

The water purifier price for commercial use also depends upon the water quality of your area because the water of different is contained different kinds of water impurities. Hence it demands the water purifier with various technology. For example, if your regular use water contains a high concentration of the dissolved water impurities than you need to install RO water purifier and if your regular use water includes a high level of biological contaminants than you need to install a UV water purifier. In that situation the water purifier machine for commercial purposes price also various.

  • The brands of the water purifier

Water purifier for commercial use price list also varies according to the brand of the water purifier. Many brands use the different spare part which have different durability and different price. Hence the commercial RO spare parts price list also play an essential role in the cost of the water purifier. We deal in all kinds of commercial RO water purifier in all the cities of India. You can also get in touch with us for the installation and other services of the water softener. The water softeners are available at the best commercial water softener price India.

Something You Should Know Before Buying Commercial Water Softener

Short form of the termFull form of the termA little description of the term
TDSTotal Dissolved SolidsTDS or Total Dissolved Solids indicate the number of dissolved impurities that are present in tap water. The pollutants can be anything from salts to chloride. These tiny solid particles dissolve seamlessly in water and can prove to be quite harmful to babies, infants, children, old people, and pregnant women. In general, this can be quite harmful to everyone drinking this water.
GPDGallons per DayGallons per Day is the standard unit used to describe the amount of water that a commercial RO water purifier can purify in a day. It can be anything from 300 gallons per day to 19,000 gallons per day. This is the basic unit of measurement that is used in plants and institutions like schools and colleges, sometimes even in offices and in public places.
ROReverse OsmosisRO or Reverse Osmosis is probably the term that we will be using the most often. Reverse osmosis is the modern technology that uses partially permeable membranes to filter the impurities. The commercial RO filter price, however, depends on a lot of nuances. This technology uses high pressure to separate the dissolved contaminants from water. Almost all water purifiers use this technology today.

These explanations form the basic structure of the work that is expected from the various commercial RO. The usage of commercial reverse osmosis has appealed to the market at large and has enhanced the sales of these devices. As a result, the commercial RO water purifier price in India has adapted over the years to suit the needs of the client.Water purifiers can be of various types. We will next try to draw a difference-chart for commercial RO and domestic water purification systems.

Difference Between Commercial & Domestic Water Purification Systems

Commercial RO water purification systemsThese are mostly found in industrial plants and in institutions that require an ample supply of water. Commercial RO has a large number of filters like the sand filter to filter out the microorganisms inhabiting the water, an activated carbon filter, and micron filters. The water goes through various layers of filtration before being termed ‘pure’. In many cases, different types of these commercial water purification systems give water that is up to 98% pure.
Domestic water purification systemsDomestic water purification systems, as is quite evident from the name itself, is used mainly at homes or for personal purposes. These do not have very elaborate filtration systems. They have filters enough to purify water so that we are not harmed. A safe limit of water purification is reached. The filters need to be changed from time to time to ensure the best performance on behalf of the RO.

A common point that holds for both these water purification systems is the fact that both of these need to be maintained. Their filters need to be changed and replaced as and when it is required. If this is not done, then the diseases caused due to this can get more severe than many other diseases caused due to the TDS in tap water. Given below is a table that shows the commercial RO systems price list. This should give the client a clear idea about the industry of water purifiers and the commercial RO plant price in India.

Price Of Some Commercial RO Water System

Sl. No.Name of the commercial RO water systemTypeSize(in litres)Price(in Rs.)
1Kent Pride RO+UF with TDS controllerElectrical purifier813,799
2HUL Pureit Advanced RO MF water purifierElectrical purifier57,099
3Eureka Forbes Aquasure Xtra Tuff RO water purifierNon-electrical purifier151,523
4Aquafresh Dolphin J14 RO water purifierElectrical purifier103,500
5Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance Green RO water purifierElectrical purifier712,750
6Kent Ace RO water purifierElectrical purifier713,299
7LG WW160EP RO water purifierElectrical purifier821,499
8Kent Supreme RO water purifierElectrical purifier915,799
9Kent Pearl Mineral RO+UV water purifierElectrical purifier816,278
10AO Smith Z8 Green RO water purifierElectrical purifier821,949
11Livpure Brahma Offline water purifierElectrical purifier161,740
12Kent Diaphragm 100 RO water purifierElectrical purifier152,239
13Midea MWPRO080AI6 RO water purifierElectrical purifier88,990
14Kent Mini RO water purifierElectrical purifier1.27,000
15Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb water purifierElectrical purifier6.511,811

This was the commercial RO price list. However, the list given below shows commercial RO water purifier plant price in India based on another factor, LPH.  This list will be sufficient to tell us that the cost of commercial RO plant water purifieralso depends upon bigger units like LPH.

Price of water purifier machine for commercil purposes

Sl. No.Name of the water purifier machine for commercial purposesType(Electrical purifer or non-electrical)Size(in LPH)Price(in Rs.)
1Doctor Fresh Commercial RO Water Purifier PlantElectrical purifier2521,990
2Zero-B Intello Commercial RO Water PurifierElectrical purifier15/2539,950
3Wave Commercial RO Water Purifier PlantElectrical purifier5042,000
4Commercial ROElectrical purifier250-75040,000
5Commercial ROElectrical purifier100-25042,000
6Commercial Intello Zero-B ROElectrical purifier28,500
7Commercial Skid Zero-B ROElectrical purifier24,990
8Commercial ROElectrical purifier5042,000
9Commercial ROElectrical purifier100-50040,000
10Doctor Fresh Commercial RO Water Purifier PlantElectrical purifier7560,000
11Doctor Fresh Commercial RO Water Purifier PlantElectrical purifier10075,000
12Livpure i25 Commercial RO Water Purifier*Electrical purifier28,150
13Livpure i25 Commercial RO Water Purifier*Electrical purifier49,290

The commercial RO spare parts for these machines are also available in the market. Since these commercial RO water purifiers are required in plants, their spare parts can be easily bought.

Companies in India charge quite an amount for commercial RO plant installation. Of course, it is not unjustly done for it is quite a handful of work. Most of these machines are wall mounted, that is, of course, the smaller ones. Some of the larger ones, too need to be wall mounted. Different pipeline connections need to be made to these commercial water machine to ensure the uninterrupted flow of water. The charges, therefore, can be pretty hefty. Likewise, commercial RO services are pricey, too. The AMC that the customers buy along with the machine states the terms of commercial RO water service, their maintenance, and their warranty. The cost of the AMC alone can be anything around 40-50% of the commercial RO machine. Maintenance of the commercial RO water systems for a fixed time period is usually given to customers for free, but all this comes with a lot of clauses. Within this period that the AMC is valid, the filters are changed and replaced at a negligible or free of cost. However, once this expired, the price of the same thing can shoot up quite a bit. The commercial RO membrane price is not too less, either. The commercial RO membrane price in India can vary from anywhere between Rs. 500 and Rs. 50,000. Sometimes, prices can go higher depending on the model of the water purifier in question and of course, its capacity.

From the above figure, it can be easily understood that the price of the commercial RO water purification system is not going to be anything even comparatively cheaper. The price of a commercial RO plant can be Rs. 20,000 from Kent and can also be Rs.  2,48,400 for a certain model of water purifier from Eureka Forbes. The maintenance cost will, hence, differ accordingly. For the Kent RO water purifier in question here, the maintenance cost will be lower than that of the model of water purifier from Eureka Forbes. However, not only will the price be different, but things like the capacity of the purifier, the filters, and the various other components might also differ. Moreover, there will be a difference in their performances. A high-end commercial RO for commercial use water purification system will work better and more efficiently than one that costs way lesser. It is, therefore, up to the customer to decide what to buy and what not to. In other words, the customer decides which is the best commercial RO purification system for him or her.

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