How To Select Water Purifier For the Home

select water purifier

Previously getting pure and healthy water for drinking purposes was easy but these days it has become quite tricky. It is because the water pollution is getting high along with the human population which leads to overexploitation of the water which causes water pollution.

Have you ever thought about where your kitchen waste and industrial waste go? Yes, most of the kitchen and industrial waste goes into the water which changes the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the water. 

Drinking of contaminated water causes several types of waterborne diseases in you. Waterborne diseases cause millions of deaths every year, so you need to drink pure & healthy water all the time to urge to drink water.

To access safe drinking water, you need some water purification system. A water purifier is the best known water purification system in India. It eliminates all types of impurities present in the water and delivers you 100% safe water for the drinking purposes.

There are the various brands of water purifier in India which makes the selection of the water purifier a little bit difficult. But having proper knowledge about the water purifier will help you to get the best water purifier for yourself. Here we would like to share some tips which will help you to purchase the best water purifier.

Ultimate Guide For Selection Of Water Purifier

Here are some most critical points you need to consider while purchasing a water purifier for home.

  • Water Source
  • Types of Water Purifier
  • Storage capacity
  • Cost & Warranty
  • After Sales Service

Water Source:

While selecting a water purifier for home, the role of water source or water impurities become essential because the different source of water carries different types of contaminants in it. Water contains physical, chemical, and biological pollutants in it which is very much potential to cause several diseases in the human body. 

Types of Water Purifier

There are several types of water purifier is in the Indian market such as RO water purifier, UV water purifier, etc. All the water purifier are used to remove the different types of impurities. An RO, i.e., reverse osmosis water purifier mainly used to remove dissolved contaminants from the impurities, but it also eliminates microbial impurities present in the water. 

A UV, i.e., an Ultraviolet water purifier is used to remove the microbial impurities present in regular water. The UV water purifier is only used to remove the microbial contaminants & it does not deal with the dissolved impurities. Hence UV water purifier is only suitable for those homes which receive water with a large concentration of microbes.

Storage capacity

A water purifier is available in different storage capacities. You need to know the right size according to your requirement. It is the place where the purified water is stored. There are so many water purifiers which come up without the storage tank. The most common water purifier has 7, 8 & 9 liters storage tanks. 

Cost & Warranty

The cost of the water purifier varies according to the requirement hence knowing your budget and the search for the best water purifier according to your need. The various companies provide the different types of warranty thus before having a water purifier check for the warranty period. 

After Sales Service

It is the most important factor for having a water purifier. There are many water purifier service providers in India who promise to deliver 100% satisfactory work, but after the installation of the water purifier, they even don’t care about the issues hence before selecting the service provider get adequately informed about the after-sale services.

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