Kent Spare Parts and It’s Price List

kent ro spare part price

RO Purifier Problems That Require Immediate Professional Assistance 

Water purifiers help you attain the level of water purification that nothing else will. With pollution taking a toll on all over the globe, drinking water straight from rivers and ponds could turn fatal. And, drinking water that comes from your municipal tanks directly might not be in your best interest. This is why water purifiers have evolved with time and the recent ones come with an RO operating system which offers pure drinking water to all. Knowing where you will find Kent spare parts ensures you get only genuine products. 

Check Kent RO Spare Parts Price List Before Purchasing 

Any reverse osmosis or RO system comes with water purification where the water is collected from external sources from where after filtration, it is stored in the filtration tank. Usually, the water that comes from municipal tanks come from underground and while travelling and reaching your tap, it comes in contact with sediments, microorganisms and other contaminants that you should be aware of. Kent RO spare parts should be maintained and replaced when and however necessary. 

There are several problems that your water purifier could undergo because after all, it is a machine which requires care like anything else.  After going through the filtration process, the water you get is 99.9% free from any kind of contaminant and microorganisms. But after using them for years, they tend to break down. Your water purifier Kent RO parts require some TLC with precautionary maintenance. 

Along with services you go for, Kent RO filter cost could vary. Here are some of the problems that one should be well aware of.

Kent Spare Parts Price List

Kent Spare Part NamePriceBuying Option
Kent Gold Spare KitRs. 388/-Buy on Amazon
Kent UF Membrane 8"Start from Rs. 700/-Buy on Amazon
Kent Inline Sediment Filter 8"Rs. 870/-Buy on Amazon
Kent UV Assembly (with UV lamp)Rs. 1290/-Buy on Amazon
Kent UV Assembly(without UV lamp)Rs. 790/-Buy on Amazon
Kent Diaphragm Pump 100 DPRs. 1200/-Buy on Amazon
Kent Diaphragm Pump 150 DPStart from Rs. 1600/-Buy on Amazon
Kent SMPS2.5A 24V DC With WiresRs. 680/-Buy on Amazon
Kent SMPS 1.5A 24V DC With WiresStart from Rs. 500/-Buy on Amazon
Kent RO Membrane In Welded Housing - 8"Rs. 2499/-Buy on Amazon
Kent RO TapRs. 135/-Buy on Amazon
Kent Inline Carbon Filter 8"Rs. 870/-Buy on Amazon
Kent Multilayer Hollow Fiber UF Membrane Cartridge FilterRs. 898/-Buy on Amazon
Kent Bottom Tank For Pride, GrandRs. 1170/-Buy on Amazon
Kent Solenoid Valve 24V DCRs. 250/-Buy on Amazon
Electric Float ValveRs. 199/-Buy on Amazon
Kent Post Carbon FilterRs. 297/-Buy on Amazon
Kent Float SensorRs. 440/-Buy on Amazon
Kent 10(Inch) Activated Carbon FilterStart from Rs. 499/-Buy on Amazon

Noisy Water Filtration Faucet 

This usually happens when there is an installation of your water purifier. This happens when the filter cartridges have been changed and the air is getting pushed out. Usually, this slows down and goes away on its own. But if the problem persists or all of a sudden shows its presence, calling for help might be in your best interest. It could be because the filters protecting the cartridges could have leaked and you require Kent water purifier parts. 


This is one of the most common problems that persist that could be taken care off with professional help. Check out Kent RO water purifier spare parts price list to ensure the price you are paying is suitable by comparing. With systems being fitted loose, there could be chances of leakage. Try finding out where the origin of the leakage is and sometimes it could also be from the faucet stem. Knowing about Kent RO spare parts price list gives you an idea about the cost beforehand. 

Bad Smell and Odour 

Stagnant water could be the reason for the foul odour. It could also be because filtration is not happening properly. Worn out membranes are a big reason for the water you consuming tasting funny. Changing the parts after checking out Kent RO space parts price list pdf increases the efficiency of your RO system. Also, the storage water inside the tank should be changed if you have been out or the water purification system has not been used. 

Water Flow Is Slow 

This problem could usually be related to less pressure. You have to check if the pressure is optimal or not and if not, the pressure should be raised to the value of 6-8 psi. If the bladder inside the tanker could not hold the pressure, then Kent RO parts price should be bought and changed. 

Always Compare and Buy Genuine Kent Spare Parts 

Now, you have learnt about the most important problems that your RO system could be facing and you should be well aware of. Kent RO filter membrane price could differ but keep in mind that it should not be done without professional help. Knowing about Kent spare parts near me could help you in the long run.  

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