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Kent RO Customer Support Center Delhi

Kent RO Customer Care Delhi: Drink Clean Water In Delhi

The level of drinking water flowing in the taps of Delhi is getting worse and leading to a number of diseases and waterborne illnesses too. So, chuck out these problems and take a tour of Kent RO customer care Delhi where you will be furnished with the optimum and accurate solution of drinking water problems.

What are the essential things to take care of Kent RO water purifier?

If you have made your mind to book Kent RO water purifiers, then it is a new approach towards your health and happy family. But there are various important elements that one needs to be persistent about. You can also take help of Kent RO customer care in Delhi. Take a glance below -

Installation - The first step is the setting up of the Kent RO purifiers. But here is the catch; never try to fix these appliances on your won or else it will get damaged, and there is a possibility that the appliance will not get fixed. There is a reason behind it as the appliance is being made up with new techniques and methods and can be installed by a well-versed technician or engineers only. Call Kent customer care Delhi for installing the purifiers.

Maintenance - If someone tells you that it is tough to maintain the purifiers then don’t trust as these appliances are very smart and will not put any kind of maintenance pressure on you. There are specific indications like green coating over the filter, change in color, taste, etc. that you will encounter yourself. Plus the engineer will give you enough information, or you can check the manual as well. If you find any changes immediately call on the Kent RO customer care number Delhi.

Spare parts and filter - These two are the most critical parts of any Kent RO purifiers, but they come with a given or specified life span. For example, the filter will work for a maximum of six months and will start showing indication like a slow flow of water and likewise. In such scenario, you need to get in touch with Kent RO toll free number Delhi and get the replacement done. The same theory goes with that of the spare parts too.

With these three simple steps, you can effortlessly maintain your RO water purifiers for years. Plus the additional support offered by the Kent RO Delhi customer care will be available all round the clock.

Questions You Must Ask To Kent Ro Customer Care In Delhi Before Buying Water Purifier

We all know how essential it is to consume pure and safe drinking water. And it is equally essential to have a water purifier. Unfortunately, there are many areas where water is of bad quality. Most of the Indian population is still facing difficulty in seeking pure or treated water. A number of companies are serving their customers after getting a huge amount of reimbursement or provide no service at all. Kent RO customer care Delhi treats its customers with all possible services that a customer may get. After buying the product, a customer may be in need of the services that may require maintenance or replacements or repair of any component. There are some companies that often take advantage of being in the requirement at a time. This is one of the reasons that you must ask for an annual maintenance contract. Kent RO customer care in Delhi has been providing access to different after sales services hassle-free. Whether it is about installation, repair, maintenance or replacement, KENT CUSTOMER CARE DELHI let its customers seek assistant at every step of the requirement of the service. After applying for the services through the app or at Kent RO customer care number Delhi, an executive is provided to the customer who attains him/her towards getting a completely repaired and working product. Comparing with other companies, Kent has made it easy to ask for the services. All of its RO water purifiers are applicable to 4 years of warranty (one year of warranty for the product and three years of free service). It has also provided a list of spare parts, filters, labor charges (that is available on its site) so as to maintain genuineness and transparency in between the company and the customers. Furthermore, the online application has made it convenient for customers to avoid the last-minute rush and seek professional help without any hurdles.

Do I really need a water purifier?

Irrespective of the prices or expenses, a water purifier is really a need. Whether you are from an area where water pressure is low or from an area where water pressure is high, the need for water purifier depends on the quality of water being supplied to your house. Kent RO water purifier customer care Delhi let its customers understand the things and enjoy the services without any hurdles. One can look for Kent customer care number Delhi to seek professional services of Kent. Moreover, one may also require a water test to check whether any need for water purifier is necessary or not. For this purpose, you can either bring a water sample to your nearby laboratory or can call any Kent RO customer care number Delhi to seek professional guidance at home.

What you should look for before buying a water purifier?

The things that you consider before buying a water purifier are:

  • Type of water being supplied to your home
  • The Technology required for the supply of water to get filtered
  • The Storage capacity of the water purifier or the family size
  • Rejected water ratio
  • Installation, replacement, and after-sale services

When it is about Kent water purifier, one may contact kent customer care no Delhi. The professional executives understand the issues pertaining to the water problems and the usage of water purifier.

How and where to test the quality of water?

The primary work before buying a water purifier is testing the water quality. You can make a visit to any certified laboratory can also request for the same from any trusted company which do the same as prior to anything. This test will help you to get the overall analysis of contaminated debris:

  • Physical Analysis: This analysis will find out the degree of contaminated metals within the water.
  • Chemical Analysis: The presence of any chemical like fluorine, chlorine, etc. will be detected in this type of analysis.
  • Microbiological Analysis: It measures the haziness of water due to suspended particles, bacteria or presence of any dirt or mud particles.

One can easily get this service or the guidance to do so with the help of Kent executives. The only work that is required is to look for Kent RO customer care number Delhi NCR. Half of the work will get done by the company and you would be in need of just finalizing the product!

Is chlorinated water bad for health?

Chlorine is itself a disinfectant. However, it is required in water but in a limited amount. More than the appropriate amount can create worse effects on health. Presence of high density brings odor to the water and worsens its taste. Moreover, when this gets mixed with other chemical substances, it produces the harmful by-products making water unfit for consumption. One may consider looking for Kent RO customer Care Delhi NCR to seek help at home and the water quality tested.

Note: if the contamination of chlorine exceeds the required limit, it is recommended to use carbon-based purification system in your water purifier.

Where can I approach to get a quality product?

There have been many companies dealing with the manufacturing, installation or repairing of water purifiers. We recommend you to finalize your deal only after acknowledging yourself with the things like water quality, the product you are going to use, the spare parts and the technology used within your product to purify water.

Kent is one of those leading companies working for water purifiers. It serves the quality products as well as the services for every single penny being paid by you. The company has a number of centers all over Delhi. You can consider searching for:

  • Kent RO Delhi Customer Care
  • Kent Customer Care Delhi NCR
  • Kent RO customer Care in South Delhi
  • Kent RO customer care in West Delhi
  • Kent RO customer Care in East Delhi
  • Kent RO customer care in North Delhi

Where can I find the spare parts required with water purifier?

You can get spare parts from any related shop or market area. However, it is recommended to use the components from the company itself. They will also provide you a warranty with the products and the services which will save you from future expenses. If you are thinking of purchasing any spare product for your water purifier, you may consider looking for Kent RO customer care number in Delhi. However, the following are certain products that go with Kent purification systems:

S. NO. Product detail Price (INR)(approx.)
1. RO MEMBRANE POWP: RO Membrane Welded 8”(item code: 20002) POWP: RO Membrane 8” HIGH FLOW(item code: 20529) 2500 2750
2. SPARE PARTS FRT 550/600(item code: 20018) FRT 300 ML (item code: 20020) FRT 800(code item 20019) 250 250 250
3. FILTERS Carbon filters: Inline Carbon Filter 8”(item code: 20009) Activated Carbon Filter(item code: 20012) Post carbon filter-blue (item code: 20015) 500 500 400

To let yourself free from additional expenses it is advisable to look for any professional help only. One may look for Kent RO customer care Delhi number or Kent customer care number toll free Delhi or Kent RO customer care no Delhi to get the expert’s help at the doorstep!

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